Later That Same Life

Así nos cuenta Peter Emshwiller su fascinante “viaje en el tiempo” de 1977 a 2015 al encuentro con su yo futuro, en una especie de imposible talk show. 

“You see, back in 1977 when I was 18 years old, I interviewed my future self. Using state of the art (for its time) equipment, I recorded one side of a time-travel talk show.

I sat in a well-lit chair in a completely black studio and, like some teenaged Johnny Carson, chatted with an invisible older me. During this one-way conversation, I asked my older self tons of questions about my future – from career to family to art to friendships to sex. Then I recorded many different reactions to each possible answer, ranging from polite nods, to joy, sadness, annoyance, surprise, and outright horror.”

Later that Same Life